An Tionál, O'Dohertys Keep and Cultural Centre
O'Doherty's Keep Development Group

Scroope Design was commissioned to create an interpretative vision for O'Dohertys Keep, to reveal the cultural and educational potential of the O'Doherty history in a form that is sensitive and relevant to present day audiences and also acknowledge the interests of the key stakeholders.

An Tionál, will act as a locus for a wide range of cultural experiences, for exploring historical and contemporary issues through creative arts; for making relevant connections between past and present, the era of Gaelic chieftains to the wider story of Ireland, and trace the link between local family and global identity.

The final document would contribute to an overall project masterplan and contribute to the brief for the development of the new cultural centre.
It would also serve as a reference point for the development of a feasibility study, business and operational plan.

Ann provided an outstanding report entitled "An Tionál" (The Gathering) - An interpretative vision for a new cultural tourism destination for the O' Dochartaigh Keep project and Cultural Visitor's Centre. The vision informs the basis for the successful delivery of this project for future generations.
Ronan O'Doherty