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The Jackie Clarke Library
Mayo County Council

2006 we were commissioned was to carry out an assessment of the collection, its meaning and interpretative value; the site location, services and operations and the provision of an interpretative plan. The team included specialists in conservation and environmental control, security and information technologies.The interpretative plan identified capital investment, services and exhibition requirements, staff /management plan and operational costs, full conservation and storage and access planning. 
2007 we were engaged to produce a detailed report for government. This contributed to the successful acquisition of funding for the main project.
2009 we developed the promotional exhibition for Ireland West Airport. The Jackie Clarke Library opened in 2010.


Ann has been involved and continues to contribute to this project, taking it from a listing of a private collection to the Library and Archive it is today. With a comprehensive planning document, a master plan and exhibition design expertise she has shaped this project in countless ways. I find her creative mind, her expertise and professionalism invaluable; she always delivers an exceptionally fine job.
Sinead McCoole Curator / Manager, Jackie Clarke Library and Archives