• Pearse Museum

The Pearse Museum, St Enda's Park, Dublin
Office of Public Works

We have been working with the Pearse Museum for over 16 years.
First commissoned in 2006 to develop an exhibition within the school rooms of St Enda's, then later commissioned to create an interpretative strategy and implementation programme from 2010 to 2016. The work included writing the creative briefs and assisting the client with all aspects of programme, budget and implementation.

Scroope Design helped the museum to identify its vision in relation to the exhibition, but also challenged and questioned that vision when necessary. Her repeated emphasis on the needs of visitors, particularly visitors with disabilities, was invaluable. She also kept us focused on the idea that unless an exhibition communicates ideas and information clearly, it cannot be considered a success.
Brian Crowley, Curator, Pearse Museum, St Enda's, Dublin.